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Red Wines

Made from delicious dark-colored grapes
Concord (6)

The "King" of Pennsylvania grapes.

Fredonia (5)

The "Fruit of the Vine" wrapped in a bottle.

Riverstone Red (6)

Our own blend of red grapes. A "melting pot of tastes.

Cherry Blossom Red (5)

The perfect marriage of all natural cherry and red grapes.

Cran Grape (5)

The healthiest wine in the world.

Marechal Foch (0)

The "Merlot" of Pennsylvania grapes. Dry and smooth.

Princess Foch (4)

Slightly sweet with bold Foch quality.

Isabella (4)

Deep blush grape with light strawberry undertones.

Fox Fyre (3)

Our own "Chianti"-style blend.

Chambourcin (0)

Cabernet character with a natural oak essence.

Labruscato (4)

A "Labrusca" blend. Striking flavor. Smooth and naturally sweet.

Cabernet Sauvignon (0)

Gentle oak. Simply pure Cabernet taste.

Red Fox (0)

A dry Fredonia; light, fruitful, slightly tart with a beautiful bouquet.

Dry River Red (0)

Our unique "Shiraz"-style blend of Pennsylvania grapes. Rich oak taste with fruity undertones.

River Queen (8)

The "Port of Foxburg." A true dessert wine. A complex blend of grapes, blackberries and elderberries. Fortified with pure brandy.

Mountain Red (5)

Blended white & red grapes, perfect for our neck of the woods.

white wines

Made from amazing light colored grapes.

Niagara (5)

The "Queen" of Pennsylvania white grapes. Pure grape taste. Pure grape aroma.

Seyval (1.5)

The "Prince" of distinctive taste and bouquet.

Riesling (2)

Naturally sweet, fruity and smooth.

Chardonnay (0)

Dry, crisp and clean with light oak.

Aurore (1.5)

Semi-dry, light and smooth.

Emerald Glen (5)

Delightfully gentle with grape and apple tones.

Honey (6)

Mead-style made purely by honey.

Cayuga White (4)

Light hybrid grape with a hint of white peach.

Blush wines

Light with crisp flavors. Typically floral & fruity. Perfectly balanced alcohol, sugar, & acid.

Steuben (4.5)

Naturally nutty and fruitful. The "Queen of Blush."

Foxburg Blush (1)

A crisp, tart, favorful Rose wine.

Pink Catawba (4.5)

The "Ladies Choice."

Moonlight Blush (1)

A perfect blush dinner wine.

Fruit Wines

No grapes here, this wine is reserved for fruit lovers.

Blueberry Blush (7)

Bold and sweet distinctive fruit essence.

Raspberry Blush (6)

A blend of fresh raspberry and blush wines.

Blackberry Blush (6)

The "Marriage of Quality." Light and lively.

Strawberry Mist (6.5)

The sweet taste of summer in a glass.

Pear Wine (8)

Elegance wrapped in a bottle. Hand picked, hand pressed, Our first estate wine. Limited quantity.

Apple Wine (5)

The sweet taste of Fall in a glass.

Plum Crazy (7)

Go wild with our newest burst of pure fruit flavor sure to tickle your fancy.


High alcohol dessert wine, fortified with our own distilled wine spirits. 24% alcohol by volume.

Raspberry Dolce
Blackberry Forte
Cran-Grape Royale
Plum Elite

1/2 Gallon Jugs

Our staple flavors bottled in 1/2 gallon jugs.

Concord (6)

The "King" of Pennsylvania grapes.

Niagara (5)

The "Queen" of Pennsylvania white grapes. Pure grape taste. Pure grape aroma.

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